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    The Doon School Model United Nations Conference '15

    Ninth Session, 21st - 23rd August

    Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.


Ties will be broken, wars will be waged, economies will collapse and history will be rewritten;
But above all, peace will be forged at DSMUN '15.

The Doon School Model United Nations Conference is one of India’s biggest and most reputed high school MUN conferences. Since its inception in 2007, the Doon School Model United Nations Society has hosted many extremely engaging, entertaining and intellectually stimulating conferences, each one of which has left a legacy behind it. Ranked amongst the top 25 high school MUN conferences around the world by BestDelegate.com, DSMUN has grown to be one of the key entries in every MUNning calendar. DSMUN has a history of attracting the best of, both, the Indian and the international delegates from the Pan-Asiatic region. DSMUN has not failed to surprise and amaze delegates with a diverse collection of committees which have included the traditional and the unconventional, the regional and the international, as well as the historic, the present and the futuristic.

The Doon School, one of India’s most reputed and prestigious institutions, is a member of the G20 Group of Schools, The Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, The International Boys’ Schools Coalition and the Round Square Conference. With its motto, “Knowledge our Light”, Doon aims to mold its students into leaders and gentlemen of service for the future. And it is this very aim that led to the establishment of the DSMUN Society 8 years back. Model United Nations has now become one of the largest and most popular activities in school with over 200 students being involved in it. The beautiful and serene 72-acre Chandbagh estate, on which the school is set, creates a perfect backdrop to the dire and pertinent issues being discussed annually in the Conference.

The DSMUN Secretariat is proud to host The 9th Doon School Model United Nations Conference from the 21st to the 23rd of August, 2015. Popularly referred to as DSMUN ’15, this year’s conference promises to engage delegates with 12 very fascinating committees, each of which will discuss numerous relevant, thought-provoking and downright surprising agendas, as well as through social events such as the Delegate Dance, the Cultural Night and the Grand Dinner.

Crises to keep you on your toes, unforgettable memories, interesting new people to meet and an experience worth a lifetime! DSMUN ’15 will have it all. We look forward to seeing you in Dehradun later this year as the rains bathe the Chandbagh estate in the light of knowledge.









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Live Updates

The Background for the Special Convention on Religion and Terror has been uploaded. Follow this link and find the Background Guide in the Resources tab. We apologize for the delay and the inconvinience caused.

The Background Guides are a tool to help and guide delegates with their research and to allow them to understand the chairperson's perspective of the agenda and where he wishes that committee move. But the delegates should also know that the guides are a mere stepping stone towards research and only provide a base on which the delegates are expected to build up.

An update paper has been released for the United Nations Security Council. Follow this link and find the update paper in the Update Papers link in the Resources tab. All delegates are highly recommended to read this. This update paper contains information regarding ISIL, Boko Haram and the South China Sea.

Update Papers are released to inform delegates about recent developments in the concerned agendas. Chairpersons will release update papers as and when necessary and the live ticker will update you regarding the same. All update papers can be found on the specific committee pages under the Resources tab.

The Facebook Groups for Committees are being made by the Chairpersons. We request all delegates to join their respective groups. The name of the groups are in the format "Full Committee Name - DSMUN '15". As these groups are closed and only limited to delegates that are part of those committees, you would have to send a request to join the committee which the Chairperson will have to accept

These groups are an important forum for discussion, debate and most importantly introduction with the other delegates and the Exceutive Board before the conference actually statrs. All delegates are expected to be active on these groups.

The Background Guides for all committees have been uploaded. Refer to the respective committee pages and follow the link to the Background Guide in the Resources tab.

The Background Guides are a tool to help and guide delegates with their research and to allow them to understand the chairperson's perspective of the agenda and where he wishes that committee move. But the delegates should also know that the guides are a mere stepping stone towards research and only provide a base on which the delegates are expected to build up.

The deadline for submission of position papers is the 7th of August, 2015. The Position papers must be sent either directly to the Chairperson of the specific committees by the delegates or put together in a zipped folder and sent to dsmun@doonschool.com by the Head Delegate. Delegates should not exceed the deadline.

Position Papers aid the Chairperson and other delegates get aquainted with the position of other committees, further allowing delegates to find other delegates with similar positions and solution. This helps in bloc formation. Delegates should also note that Position papers will be marked by the Executive Board and hold 20% weightage in the awards.

Secretary General's Address

Devansh Agarwal

Secretary General

Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisors and friends of DSMUN,

It is my great privilege to welcome all of you to The 9th Doon School Model United Nations Conference, 2015. After an immense amount of hard work and many hours of tireless commitment, the DSMUN Secretariat is proud to host you at what promises to be a highly engaging and dynamic weekend here at Chandbagh. DSMUN, in its pursuit of excellence, has grown from strength to strength over the course of the past several conferences. This year, we aim to emphasize on realistic but incredibly challenging simulations that will test the depth of every delegate’s diplomatic and intellectual capacity.

With over 450 delegates participating in last year’s conference, The Doon School Model United Nations Conference has always attempted to expose a vast number of delegates to an incredibly high and competitive level of debate, exemplified by our challenging agendas. It is a conference that aims to inculcate not just diplomacy and negotiation skills in an individual, but also a deep understanding of international relations which is pivotal to any aspiring diplomat.

Innovation is valued very highly at DSMUN and each year it is our endeavor to explore challenging and stimulating committees. While recognizing the importance of standard GA committees such as DISEC and ECOFIN, DSMUN hopes to bring out the best in delegates with the introduction of highly relevant and challenging committees such as the International Court of Justice, Special Convention on Religion and Terror and the Joint Crisis Committees. We believe it is also imperative to focus on issues of national importance hence the introduction of the 16th Lok Sabha. This year’s DSMUN experience will be a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening one.

Recently the world has been in a rather volatile state. With crises such as the IS engulfing the world in fear and terror, the need for diplomacy is more relevant than ever before. It is in such situations that the global community must unite to combat the forces that reckon evil and threaten the very crux of our peaceful coexistence. It is such immediate issues that will be addressed during the course of the unique DSMUN, GA crisis which is a befitting conclusion to the conference. True diplomacy can only be tested under real time pressure and the ability to think on ones feet is what we shall strive to inculcate by means of the GA crisis. The press has always been an integral component of our socio-economic system. However, in the past, there have been numerous controversies regarding the functioning of media organizations throughout the world. The International Press Corps will be discussing matters revolving around the functioning and freedom of press organizations across the global spectrum.

On a lighter note DSMUN also hopes to create an experience for delegates that will send them back with a farrago of memories that they will cherish for a long time. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at secgen@doonschool.com for any discrepancies.

In a world where the youth are increasingly vocal about their rights, it is time that our voice is given a chance. We must choose to look beyond the ghosts of the past and move forward & upward. Wars will be waged, economies will collapse, history will be re-written, but above all peace will be forged at DSMUN, 2015.

Warm regards,

Devansh Agarwal

Secretary General

The Doon School Model United Nations Conference 2015

President's Address

Nikhil Saraf


Dear friends of The Doon School,

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis” - Dante Alighieri

As the President of The DSMUN Society, it is a matter of utmost privilege and pride for me to welcome you to The 9th Doon School Model United Nations Conference. DSMUN, as you would know it, has grown to become one of the biggest High School MUN conferences in the Pan-Asiatic region since its inception, ranking amongst the top 25 MUN Conferences in the world. For the past three years, I have participated in DSMUN in various capacities ranging from official to delegate to Vice-President and every one of these conferences has been an unforgettable one. From strangers who became friends and moments that became memories, DSMUN has always held a special place in my heart.

This year, Devansh and I have been given the honor of heading this esteemed conference and we assure you that we will host you at the biggest, most entertaining, most exciting and most surprising Model UN conference any of you will ever attend. With 12 highly intellectually-stimulating committees chaired by 12 distinguished and knowledgeable individuals, DSMUN ’15 promises to be the best you delegates can have. Apart from the heated arguments, painful negotiations and scholarly discussions to mentally engage the aspiring diplomat, DSMUN also provides an opportunity to enjoy and entertain with 3 extravagant social events such as the Delegate Dance, the Cultural Night and the Grand Dinner.

DSMUN has a reputation of being the best mixture of fun and diplomacy and what distinguishes it from other high school conferences is that it is entirely a student – run conference. Doscos, as Doon School students are called, take care of every aspect of the conference from the most important decisions to the most minor tweaks. The DSMUN Secretariat works day and night, starting from March, to make this conference a memorable one for all of you.

As we work towards providing you with the most interesting agendas and crises to discuss and solve, it is up to you, as delegates, to truly establish an environment where people get a chance to understand and be part of the gears of the peace building machine that is the United Nations. As you take your first step into the serene Chandbagh estate, we expect you to give rise to the diplomat in you and represent, to the best of your capability, the esteemed foreign officials that you will be. You would be expected to behave, act, think, talk, argue and negotiate like them. I implore you to forget that you are high school students and engage in debate and negotiations as if the country that you represent is truly at stake; for this world, which has sought (and is still seeking) an effective peace- making body, needs you, the youth, to establish peace. To this end, DSMUN ’15 will be your stepping stone.

As I write this, the wheels are turning and progress is being made towards what you will remember as a new benchmark for High School MUN Conferences all around the world. I look forward to seeing you at Doon in fall this year and we hope to give you an experience that is worth a lifetime.

Best regards,

Nikhil Saraf


The Doon School Model United Nations Conference 2015


An insight into the agendas being discussed at DSMUN '15

Other Information

The individual committee awards are as follows:

  • Lok Sabha and DISEC - 1 Best Delegate Award, 2 Most Outstanding Delegate Awards and 3 Honorable Mentions
  • Joint Crisis Committees - 1 Best Delegate Award and 1 Most Outstanding Delegate Award
  • All other Committees - 1 Best Delegate Award, 1 Most Outstanding Delegate Award and 1 Honorable Mention.

The delegation awards are in two categories:

  • Award for the Best Delegation - Large: Delegations with 10 or more that 10 delegates
  • Award for the Best Delegation - Small: Delegations with less than 10 delegates

The other awards are as follows:

  • President's Award for the Best Delegation in the General Assembly Crisis
  • Secretary General's Award for the Best Committee

Each school is allowed to send one delegation only. The delegation can consist of a maximum of 15 delegates and a minimum of 4 delegates. Each delegation can be accompanied by one teacher escort/ faculty advisor. Additional teacher escorts need to paid for.

The United Nations Security Council, the United Nations Historical Security Council (1978- 79) and the International Press Corps require a double delegation entry. The United Nations Security Council and the International Court of Justice require special applications which are provided on the committee page. Delegates wishing to participate in these committees must fill these applications and send them to dsmun@doonschool.com

The menu on the right shows the fees for the conference that need to to be paid per school (School Registration Fee) as well as per delegate (Delegate Registration Fee). The fee mentioned includes the following:

  • Accommodation for 4 nights in a 4-star hotel in Dehradun
  • All meals during the course of the conference
  • Local transportation to and from the Conference Venue
  • Registration Kit
  • Above expenses for one Teacher Escort

The fee for additional Teacher Escorts is the same as the individual delegate fee for the various scenarios.

The payment can be made by cheque/ draft or online via wire transfer. We strongly urge the schools to use the wire transfer facility. The details for the same are given on the dashboard.

All schools wishing to participate must confirm the same by writing to us at dsmun@doonschool.com. Schools can also confirm using the contact form given below with the appropriate subject. The confirmation email should include the school name, address, contact details (eMail id and phone number) and name of the Faculty Advisor. .

All participating schools need to fill in the registration forms and submit them along with the payment to finalize participation. The registration forms have been attached along with the invite. Only after we receive the registration forms and payment that you will receive your committee - country allotments and accommodation allotments.

The deadlines for the above are as follows:

  • Confirmation of Participation: 15th May, 2015
  • Submission of Registration Forms and Payment: 30th June, 2015

Payment Details

School Registration Fee: ₹ 15,000 /- per school

Delegate Registration Fee: ₹ 15,000 /- per delegate

School Registration Fee: $ 300 /- per school

Delegate Registration Fee: $ 300 /- per delegate

Note: This is applicable to schools making their own arrangements regarding accommodation and local transportation.

School Registration Fee: ₹ 8,000 or $ 175 per school

Delegate Registration Fee: ₹ 4,000 or $ 55 per delegate

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