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    The Doon School Model United Nations Conference '16

    Tenth Session, 12th - 14th August

    Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.


Ties will be broken, wars will be waged, economies will collapse and history will be rewritten;
But above all, peace will be forged at DSMUN '16.

The Doon School Model United Nations Conference is India’s biggest and most reputed high school MUN conference. Inaugurated in 2007, the Doon School Model United Nations Society has consistently hosted a series of annual engaging, entertaining and intellectually stimulating conferences, with each leaving a unique legacy behind it. Ranked amongst the top 25 high school MUN conferences in the world by BestDelegate.com, DSMUN has grown to be one of the key entries in every MUNning calendar. DSMUN has a history of attracting the best of, both, the Indian and the international delegates from the Pan-Asiatic Region. Over the years, DSMUN has never failed to surprise, with an array of committees ranging from the orthodox to specialised and unconventional simulations, from the regional to the international and covering a range of time periods.

The Doon School, one of India’s most reputed and prestigious institutions, is a member of the G20 Group of Schools, The Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, The International Boys’ Schools Coalition and the Round Square Conference. With its motto, “Knowledge our Light”, the school aims to mold its students into leaders for the future and gentlemen of service. Model United Nations has now become one of the largest and most popular activities in school without over 200 students being involved in it. The beautiful and serene 72 acre Chandbagh estate, on which the school is set, creates a scenic backdrop to the dire and pertinent issues being discussed.

The DSMUN Secretariat is proud to host The 10th Doon School Model United Nations Conference from the 12th to the 14th of August, 2016. Popularly referred to as DSMUN ’16, this year’s conference promises to engage delegates with 13 diverse and engaging committees, each of which will discuss numerous relevant, thought-provoking and downright surprising agendas, as well as through social events such as the Delegate Dance, Cultural Night and the Grand Dinner.

We look forward to seeing you in Dehradun later this year as the rains bless the Chadbagh estate. Crises to keep you on your toes, unforgettable memories, interesting new people to meet and an experience worth a lifetime! DSMUN ’16 will have it all.









For more information about DSMUN '16, click here.

Secretary General's Address

Ishaan Kapoor

Secretary General

Dear Delegate and Faculty Advisers and Friends of the DSMUN,

It is with immense pride that I cordially welcome you to join us for the 10th Doon School Model United Nations Conference. We at DSMUN 2016 have put in countless hours of work to ensure that this year’s conference lives up to the promise that the name entails and look forward to hosting you for a memorable weekend at Chandbagh. This session looks at honing the true spirit of democracy and collaboration in a moderate mix of historical simulations, sanctioned UN bodies and other contemporary political committees.

The world, as we see it today, is facing its fair share of problems; a majority of which have been created by us. At the risk of sounding overtly cynical I do see humans as a leading cause for the ad-vent of social ills as well as environmental damage. I’m also a firm believer in the ideology that within the cause of a problem lays its most viable solution. The MUN, as an idea, gives us a carni-valesque, an escape valve from the liminal space within which we-as teens- are trapped. It empowers us, for a transient phase of three short days, to make decisions that have consequences reaching far beyond what we tend to grasp. Under the guise of an MUN, we have within us the vested ability to solve problems that confound even the most experienced of scholars, in an unbiased though im-mature manner. The consequences become secondary in nature as opposed to the immediate solu-tion, in-turn exposing novel perspectives to questions that are deep rooted in history and hence, amid the disparity and feud, MUN allows us to find concurrence.

What has worried me though is that I have seen a trend across MUNs, one that has resulted in them changing from serious simulations that sincerely work to reach feasible compromises, to a frolicking weekend of fun and socialising. The latter has also brought in the onset of excessively unreal and unconventional committees that bend and distort and become almost farcical. And all this simply for the sake of making that one weekend more “exciting”. But that isn't really and was never the real purpose of an MUN. Hence we at DSMUN, seek to find this very “excitement” as we abide by and embrace the truth. By not divulging in pulp fiction we seek to recreate the soul of a true MUN and cultivate a robust, plausible and concrete ‘simulated reality’ as opposed to whimsical conjecture.

All that is left for me to say is that I eagerly await the arrival of the first delegates on the 12th of August through the gates of Chandbagh. I am indeed honoured to be working with such an accom-plished and hard-working team on the Executive Board and look forward to a memorable time this fall.

Warm regards,

Ishaan Kapoor

Secretary General

The Doon School Model United Nations Conference 2016

President's Address

Rahul Agarwal


Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

It is my utmost privilege to welcome you to the 10th session of the Doon School Model United Nations Conference. Over the years, DSMUN has grown to be one of the biggest and most competitive high school conferences in the Pan-Asiatic region; last year’s conférence had over 450 delegates from 40 schools from around the world. This year Ishaan and I have been given the chance to host you and it will be our constant endeavour to make this the most memorable conference you have ever attended. I, myself, have been involved in the DSMUN Secretariat for the past three years in various capacities ranging from an official to the Head of the Secretariat. DSMUN has always had a very special place in my heart, and I look forward to creating a truly memorable experience for you all as I organise my last MUN conference in School.

DSMUN’16 is not only the Decennial Jubilee of the conference but is also different from the ones before in many ways. This year, not only do we have 13 of the most talented chair-persons I have had the privilege to work with, but we also have an eclectic and diverse range of committees- from the conventional Security Council and Disarmament and International Security committees to novel ones such as the Special Committee on Palestine and the Supreme Council of Sovereign States.

DSMUN offers a great platform for delegates to not only showcase their intellectual prowess and diplomatic skills but also to make friends and memories for a lifetime. When you step into the committees, you will be expected to act, talk and behave like diplomats working together to discover innovative solutions to existing issues ailing the international community. You will be bombarded by constant crises that will test your intellectual and emotional quotient as well as your ability to work under pressure. Ultimately remember that when you step into the shoes of these diplomats, our world is at stake and every action that you take will have serious consequences.

However we do understand that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and so we also offer you the chance to let your hair down and socialise at events like the Cultural Night, Delegate Dance and the Grand Dinner. We hope to make DSMUN 2016 the biggest and the best conference you shall ever experience.

But in the end do remember; as Hitler once rightly said:

"When diplomacy ends, war begins"

Best regards,

Rahul Agarwal


The Doon School Model United Nations Conference 2016

Other Information

The individual committee awards are as follows:

  • Lok Sabha and DISEC - 1 Best Delegate Award, 2 Most Outstanding Delegate Awards and 3 Honorable Mentions
  • All other Committees - 1 Best Delegate Award, 1 Most Outstanding Delegate Award and 1 Honorable Mention.

The delegation awards are in two categories:

  • Award for the Best Delegation - Large: Delegations with 10 or more that 10 delegates
  • Award for the Best Delegation - Small: Delegations with less than 10 delegates

The other awards are as follows:

  • President's Award for the Best Delegation in the General Assembly Crisis
  • Secretary General's Award for the Best Committee

Each school is allowed to send one delegation only. The delegation can consist of a maximum of 17 delegates and a minimum of 6 delegates. Each delegation can be accompanied by one teacher escort/ faculty advisor. Additional teacher escorts need to paid for.

The United Nations Security Council, the Supreme Council of Sovereign States (1939) and the International Press Corps require a double delegation entry. The United Nations Security Council require special applications which is provided on the committee page. Delegates wishing to participate in this committees must fill these applications and send them to [email protected]

The menu on the right shows the fees for the conference that need to to be paid per school (School Registration Fee) as well as per delegate (Delegate Registration Fee). The fee mentioned includes the following:

  • Accommodation for 4 nights in a 4-star hotel in Dehradun
  • All meals during the course of the conference
  • Local transportation to and from the Conference Venue
  • Registration Kit
  • Above expenses for one Teacher Escort

The fee for additional Teacher Escorts is the same as the individual delegate fee for the various scenarios.

The payment can be made by cheque/ draft or online via wire transfer. We strongly urge the schools to use the wire transfer facility. The details for the same are given on the dashboard.

All schools wishing to participate must confirm the same by writing to us at [email protected] Schools can also confirm using the contact form given below with the appropriate subject. The confirmation email should include the school name, address, contact details (eMail id and phone number) and name of the Faculty Advisor. .

All participating schools need to fill in the registration forms and submit them along with the payment to finalize participation. The registration forms have been attached along with the invite. Only after we receive the registration forms and payment that you will receive your committee - country allotments and accommodation allotments.

The deadlines for the above are as follows:

  • Confirmation of Participation: 20th May, 2016
  • Submission of Registration Forms and Payment: 30th June, 2016

Payment Details

School Registration Fee: ₹15,000 per school

Delegate Registration Fee: ₹15,000 per delegate

School Registration Fee: $300 per school

Delegate Registration Fee: $300 per delegate

Note: This is applicable to schools making their own arrangements regarding accommodation and local transportation.

School Registration Fee: ₹8,000 or $175 per school

Delegate Registration Fee: ₹5,000 or $80 per delegate